Studies in Machine Learning & AI - #2

Sat 23 July 2016 Category AI & ML

Studies in Machine Learning & AI - #1

Sat 16 July 2016 Category AI & ML



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Getting Started with React Development in 5 Minutes

Wed 01 June 2016 Category web, js


The VR world has a lot of React, and there are so many things I have been learning, and I want to share with you! I am starting to write a series of posts diving into React, and I am dumping all the things in this GitHub repository.

Today I ...

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System Designing with End-to-end Applications in AWS


Some time ago I had to implement an end-to-end application to perform some manipulations (with FFMPEG) on surf video clips that were available in some cloud storage resource (say, S3 buckets).

The app I wrote was a Python software running in AWS Lambda, which would be triggered by messages from ...

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Lots of Machine Learning and DNN


At Apple, I had the chance to learn a lot of deep learning while working with the team that develops its DNN toolkit. Today I have open-sourced my personal studies:

Additionally, when I was in my Ph ...

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tmux shortcuts & cheatsheet


If you are not using tmux yet, you are missing it out!

Here some shortcuts and configs to help you to start.

Starting Sessions

start new:


start new with session name:

tmux new -s myname


    tmux a  #  (or at, or attach)

attach to named

tmux a -t myname ...
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Introducing my Grey Hacker Bag of Fun


Throughout my many years of hacking, I have been accumulating so many resources: books, scripts, tools, how-to, etc. I realized it's time to share them!

Please check out my gray hacker GitHub repo, where I have indexed everything by subject:

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Introducing Threat Intel

Threat Intel πŸ’ is a work I developed when I was at Yelp. It is a set of Threat Intelligence APIs that can be used by security developers and analysts for incident response. Additionally, it contains wrappers for:

  • OpenDNS Investigate API
  • VirusTotal API v2.0
  • ShadowServer API

OpenDNS Investigate API

OpenDNS ...

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iPython Notebook server with Amazon Web Services (EC2)


AWS Console and EC2 Instance Launch.

  • Log in at the AWS Console.
  • We're going to use the Classic Wizard for the Instance Creation.
  • The free tier is only eligible for the T1 Micro. You can use all the defaults.
  • The Wizard is going to ask you to create a ...
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Ouroboros Statement

I was seven when I first saw the shiny beige box. When my uncle finally let me touch the black screen, I was astounded with the list of unfathomable keys that β€œhelp” would print. My parents were getting divorced and my reality had just become 40 megabytes of the most ...

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